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Emerald Petals is all about the easy way.
Some shops think the easy way is to order in bulk and wait for a direct shipment, but in the floral
industry this means creating an incredible amount of waste and chemical pollution. If it does more
environmental harm than good, well, we think of that as the hard way.

The easy way is simple.
We go to the flowers. Every morning we hand select the freshest organic and sustainably grown
flowers and plants from the growers we trust. If there is something special we can't get locally,
we strive to use organic and fairtrade farms. The easy way is seeing the colors, feeling the
textures and smelling the flowers ourselves.

The easy way is sustainability.
Emerald Petals has a growing collection of vintage containers and glass vases. All new containers
and glass are made either from recycled products and/or made in the USA and can be reused.


Through 14 years of floral design, Hilary Holmes has developed a deep-rooted love for roots.
She likes flowers. A lot.

Emerald Petals is Hilary's playhouse, a place she created so that a person can get a flower from
another real person. A place where she can put creative arrangements in beautiful found objects.
A shop that appreciates the little, simple joys of all things growing.

She planted the seed for this little shop on Mississippi Avenue in Portland, Oregon, and is helping
it grow with sweat, love and whole lot of dirt under her fingernails. Now she gets to watch it bloom.

Cut and Gathered
Potted and Growing
Planned and Delivered
Weddings and Events
3948 N. Mississippi Ave.
Portland OR 97227 (map)

(503) 719-4503
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is simple & easy.
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