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Emerald Petals is a full service flower boutique committed to sustainable practices.
We offer fresh custom arrangements for everyday life, special deliveries, weddings and events.
With a focus on local, sustainable, and domestic flowers and botanicals.

Emerald Petals is Portland's eco florist.
We truly care about the environment and what effect our footprint will have on it. We source
our flowers daily from local farmers, whether they come to us or we go to the farms ourselves.
During the off season, we also use domestic, sustainably grown product, and fair trade certified
when we must import from elsewhere. We love to create textural depth using Oregon's abundance
of moss, lichen, branches, pinecones, mushrooms, berries, fruits and vegetables and whatever
else we happen upon.

We are proud to be part of the Slow Flowers (www.slowflowers.com) movement.


Through 17 years of floral design, Hilary Holmes has developed a deep-rooted love for roots.
She likes flowers. A lot.

Emerald Petals is Hilary's playhouse, a place she created so that a person can get a flower from
another real person. A place where she can put creative arrangements in beautiful found objects.
She appreciates the little, simple joys of all things growing.

She planted the seed for this little shop on Mississippi Avenue in Portland, Oregon, and is helping
it grow with love and whole lot of dirt under her fingernails.

Cut and Gathered
Potted and Growing
Planned and Delivered
Weddings and Events
North Portland
N. Mississippi Ave.
Portland OR 97227
(503) 719-4503
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is simple & easy.
Pick up or Delivery.